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See below for horrifying facts about tap water
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Horrifying Tap Water Facts
Water recirculates 23 times through the municipal water system before it evaporates
USA drinking water contains over 2100 toxic chemicals which are known to cause cancer.

At the same time there is a water crisis going on in the United States. Tap water is used for making food, cleaning food, brewing coffee and tea, and so on. And even if you drink bottled water, the problem is that most bottled water comes from tap water. Even if the water has been filtered, your food isn’t. Deadly toxins known to cause cancer enter the food supply every single day.

19 major U.S. cities have highly polluted drinking water
– It contains chlorine, when chlorine mixes with other chemicals it creates chlormines which are carcenogenic
– It contains trace amounts of pharmaceutical drugs
– It contain feces and urine
– It is traumatized
– It is clustered (body has to exert energy to break down water)
Source: Clean Water Action Project of 2002, the Ralph Nader Group
Source: Natural Resources Defense Council
– The red ovals above are 13 of the 19 cities in water crisis.
– BLUE– Water Quality and Compliance
– GREY– Local Knowledge of Water Conditions
– GREEN– Source Water That is Protected From Toxins
– Main, Caustic Chemicals Found in Tap Water: Perchlorate (rocket fuel), Chromium 6, Arsenic (rat poison), Chlorine (tap water, swimming pools)

These contaminants are very dangerous. Here’s why.

– Perchlorate ingestion interferes with the iodine thyroid gland. Thyroid disturbances can effect metabolic rate. And severe iodine deficiency in pregnant women can result in neurological defects and goiters in infants. Perchlorate can also cause ADD and lower IQ.
Source:,, and

CHROMIUM 6 (used for plating, dyes, pigments, leather tanning, wood preserving)
– Chromium 6 has been found at 1,036 of the 1,591 National Priority List sites identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
– Chromium 6 Related Diseases include Liver Cancer, Kidney Failure, Respiratory Distress, Circulatory Problems, Gastrointestinal Ailments, Reproductive Problems, Brain and Major Organ Cancers.
– “Erin Brockovich,” the famous Hollywood movie starring Julia Roberts, popularized the caustic and lethal effects of Chromium 6. P.G. & E, the company that is scrutinized in the film, were knowingly using Chromium 6 in their facility even though they knew it was contaminating the drinking water of the surrounding town.
Source: Center for Disease Control and Univ of California Davis
The Film That Made Chromium Infamous

erin brockovich
ARSENIC (wood preservative, rat poison, glass, alloys)
– Ailments include Bladder, Lung, Skin, Kidney, and Liver Cancers
– Causes damage to Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems, Heart and Blood Vessel Damage
– Causes Serious Skin Problems, Birth Defects and Reproductive Problems
– Recently Judged to Be Unsafe At Any Level in Drinking Water
– Still Found In Drinking Water 22 Million American Homes
– The statistics below are based on best estimate of average arsenic levels for systems that found arsenic. Systems with all non-detects excluded. That means when there’s no sensor level, it isn’t listed.

Source: National Safety Council
Source: Natural Resources Defense Council
State Average Arsenic Concentrations for Systems Finding Arsenic.
arsnic levels per state


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