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Helping People Unlock Their Full Potential

Are you ready for to change your life and experience the ultimate lifestyle transformation. There is a reason that you are not operating at your fullest potential and we have the solution. 

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Tahir A Holistic Health Coach & Transformation Specialist

As a holistic health coach with over 34 years in sports, fitness, Wing Chun Kung-Fu, wellness and nutrition I am so grateful to be able to help empower people to change their lives.

Having over come my own inner personal demons and limiting thoughts I use these life experience and skills to empower you to make drastic and lasting changes.

I'm your guide to help you take the path of using the most effective health and wellness modalities to achieve a transformation in your life and most importantly in your body. Ranging from minerals, water, supplements, healing modalities and understanding.

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Join thousands of people on a mission to maximize their potential

Clients aren't just satisfied, they have life transforming experiences.

“Working with Tahir changed my life. I didn't know what was possible until I got there."

I am a thin person and I didn't think abs where possible for me. And for the 1st time at almost 50 I am seeing my abs.

Jennifer F.
Fountain Valley, United States

“I was extremely skeptical when I first saw other clients results. Having lost 20 pounds in my 1st 20 days.”

I am grateful Tahir did not give up on helping me. The change I saw in my friend was what urged me to make the change. Best decision of my life!

Gregg P.
El Segundo, United States

You Deserve to have the happiness and live life at the highest level

Here is what you will get 

Doing the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation I provide the following below FREE.

Proven step by step process

I have a track record of over 90% of helping people transform their lives and experience on this earth. We don't know what we don't know until we know what we didn't know.

Powerful Community

The success rate significantly increases when you are part of a caring community. We make sure you are supported and have a safe place to share what success and difficulties you may be experiencing. 

Members-only Live Events

We have weekly check-in sessions for our group cleans challenges. We also provide weekly training on how you can improve your financial health and be truely free. The way to be free is to be of maximum service to our fellows.

Experienced Mentors

You have access to myself an athlete since 1984, CrossFit Certified Trainer and competitive CrossFit athlete, Olympic Lifting athlete, Soccer player for over 30 years, gymnast, football and basketball.

Receive FREE Health Coaching, Training and Weekly Zoom Checkins During Your Transformation.

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The 2nd Best Day is Today!!

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“I am so grateful I worked with Tahir. I was able to ride my hands of arthritis in just 30 days. I used to have bad pains in my hand for the past 15 years and it is all but gone.”

John K.
Long Beach, United States