Essential Nutrition
Nutrition is key to a healthy functioning body. Today our food has been over farmed and the minerals are no longer in the soil. When we are deficient in minerals our bodies are susceptible to over 900 different diseases.

This is the healthy start pak 2.0 I take this every day and it has changed my life. I also add in selenium and gluco gel for ligaments and joints. Most supplements are shit and don’t work.

Me and the Great Dr. Joel Wallach!

Women, Athletes and Children With the stress on us all today and the record number of women who are currently on psychotropic drugs today, along with couples struggling to get pregnant and sometimes maintaining a pregnancy to term. Nutrition is essential ESPECIALLY if the woman is or was a former athlete.

Dead Athletes Don’t Lie!
On average in america athletes only live into their 50-60’s this is due to the amounts of minerals we sweat out over the course of our lives and don’t sufficiently replenish them causing breakdown and death before their time. Well it used to be the couch potato would live longer than the average athlete but today with the amounts of toxins in our daily lives we have hit the 1st time in our history where the kids born today are predicted to not live as long at their parents.

Dr. Joel Wallach, Theo Ratliff on the Alex Jones show years ago. Since I have been following Dr. Wallach’s protocol, along with showering in filtered water my body feels like it is getting younger while everyone around me id deteriorating. Minerals are key to life. You must have mineral in the body in order to utilize vitamins. 1. Minerals BTT2.0 & Plant Derived Minerals 2. EFA 3. Calcium 4. Selenium 5. Gluco Gel

Dead Doctors Don’t Lie
This is the #1 most shared health audio in the world. Our current medical system is not focused on healing but keeping customers for profits. Many diseases are linked to a simple mineral deficiencies. As our land is depleted of minerals and our government has known that since 1930’s!!