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Essential Nutrition

Essential NutritionNutrition is key to a healthy functioning body. Today our food has been over farmed and the minerals are no longer in the soil. When we are deficient in minerals our bodies are susceptible to over 900 different diseases. This is the healthy start pak 2.0 I take this every day and it has ….  Read More

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Below are a few audios that you need to listen to by Dr. Joel Wallach, Senate Doc 264 and either of 2 products I recommend people start with to get your health moving in the right direction. I’ll send you my 10 BAD FOODS List & FREE PDF Report about the medical industry that will shock you. I ….  Read More

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Here are some audios you check out by Dr. Joel Wallach, he is the one who was a veterinarian before he became a naturalpathic doctor. I is also responsible for getting Jerry Lewis fired from the Muscular Distrophy association. This is because he gave Jerry the cure for MS and he took that to the ….  Read More

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