Welcome to Empower Health Coach

I am an individual committed to empower you to take your health into your own hands. See in 2004 my life was almost take from me by the medical industry. I am grateful that I made it through that ordeal. At that time I considered myself very healthy but compared to what I know know I was only moderately healthy. See the advice that I received from my physician was what nearly caused me to die. Because I was unaware of other methods of healing I took his advice. If you knew that you could heal your body by the food, water and supplements that you take…how would that change your life??

Step 1 Schedule A Health History

We work together to see where you are and to create a place to start your transformation of your health, body and life.

Step 2 Essential Nutrition

My next step to helping you create Powerful Health is FLOODING your body with powerful 90 Essential Nutrients that we not longer receive from our food source.

Step 3 Proper Hydration

I will show you how to properly hydrate your body. Proper hydration provides health benefits in a number of ways. FACT: Even if you are drinking bottled water you are still dehydrated and additionally poisoning yourself. 98% of all the water is no longer living and not properly structured or hydrating you, which leads to sickness and fatigue.

Step 4 Detox

The next step to creating Powerful Health is to stimulate, cleanse and tone ALL of your major elimination channels!

Step 5 Physical Exercise/Movement

A key step to Powerful Health is exercise and movement which we must all do. There are many forms to choose from dance, walks, hiking, exercise every single day. Movement and exercise makes us feel better and reweaves stress.

Step 6 Release

The final step to creating Powerful Health is releasing all the feelings that we hold to and drive us to take the actions we take.

Water Elixir Of Life

Water is the basis of all life. Are you consuming living water or dead water? Hint: Tap water and bottled are are dead waters.

Inner Power

What do we all seek in life? To Be LOVED! Discover how to allow that inner power to flow from within you by releasing the blockages.

Essential Nutrition

Vital to the bodies health and MUST be acquired from outside sources. Our soils have been minerally deficient since the 1930’s and leads to 900+ diseases.

Health Coaching Services

Creating optimal health is easier than you think. With my coaching services you have someone their to help you along the way.

What My Clients Say

 John C.
John C.

“Working with Ty was great. In my 1st month I lost 20 pounds and got rid of arthritis that had been in my hans for 15 plus years. My program was easy to follow and now I know what is needed in order to maintain my health.”

 Miriam M.
Miriam M.

“I was fearful because the doctor told me my only option to repair my broken foot was surgery. With Ty’s guidance I was able to avoid surgery, lost weight and the doctor was amazed at how well my foot healed. I am now back to CrossFit and I completed a Rockin’N’Run!! Thank You!!”